The Reality of a Kim Jong Un Death

The world has been abuzz for the past few days with yet another potentially shocking turn of events in 2020, after concerns of World War III with Iran, a global pandemic that still continues to grip the world coming from China, reports now indicate that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may either be dead or in a severe coma that he will not wake … Continue reading The Reality of a Kim Jong Un Death

History of Iranian Aggression

Yesterday, Iran escalated tensions that have been building for years in the Middle East by firing missiles at military bases in Iraq that house US and coalition forces. Early reports indicate that the Al Asad and Erbil military bases were fired upon from missiles within Iran, but there are no American casualties. Iran has also claimed direct responsibility for the attack, claiming that it is … Continue reading History of Iranian Aggression

The North Korean Game Part 1

In U.S. International Relations, there are no two countries more difficult to grasp than North Korea and Iran. While the nations are both vastly different and are led by different regimes, they share a similar characteristics as the two most antagonistic states in the world. While other nations have their problems, failed states in Syria and Libya, ongoing conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan, human … Continue reading The North Korean Game Part 1