China Must Be Held Responsible for COVID 19

In the month of March, unemployment numbers reached unprecedented numbers in the United States, with nearly 7 million Americans applying for unemployment. As I watch the news, I see NYPD officers, heroes, hold a press conference asking for help while they wear medical face masks to protect themselves from one of the worst enemies to ever hit mankind, a virus, the same virus that has … Continue reading China Must Be Held Responsible for COVID 19

History of Iranian Aggression

Yesterday, Iran escalated tensions that have been building for years in the Middle East by firing missiles at military bases in Iraq that house US and coalition forces. Early reports indicate that the Al Asad and Erbil military bases were fired upon from missiles within Iran, but there are no American casualties. Iran has also claimed direct responsibility for the attack, claiming that it is … Continue reading History of Iranian Aggression

What Comes Next With Iran

As expected, the responses to President Trump’s decision to eliminate Iranian General and Terrorist Qassem Soleimani has been mixed across the world. In the United States, Republicans have expressed support for the move, while Democrats have expressed frustration with both the move and the process, notably that Congress was not informed. Across the world, the mix of reactions is similar. The German government reportedly supports … Continue reading What Comes Next With Iran